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Scout Programs

Grow Me Big & Strong  

Join EcoVivarium as we explore the science behind growth and development.  Are you really what you eat?  Does exercise impact our growth?  Is sunshine good or bad for you? What effect does food have on our brain development?  Together  we will explore the answers to these and many more questions with help from the amazing EcoVivarium Animal Ambassadors, plus lab activities and discussion.

Program Type & Duration:  Workshop - 2 hours
Ages:  K-12
Cost:  $12.00 per participant, 
Limits:  12 participant minimum; 30 participant maximum 
Location:  EcoVivarium or Off-site                      

Storytime Critters

It's storytime at EcoVivarium!  There are thousands of books about the amazing Animal Ambassadors at EcoVivarium.  Come join us for the reading of one of our favorites, meet our Ambassador from the story and make a craft to take home!

Program Type & Duration: Workshop - 1 hours
Ages: K-2
Cost: $10.00 per participant, 
Limits:  12 participant minimum; 30 participant maximum 
Location: EcoVivarium or Off-site     

Grossology at it's Best; It's a Fecal Fest

Just like dogs and cats, reptiles can carry external  and internal parasites.  Learn basic microscopy skills as we explore this hidden world.  Participants will learn how to prepare samples and slides so they can identify the parasites they see!
Program Type & Duration: Workshop - 2 hours
Ages: K-12
Cost: $12.00 per participant, 
Limits: 12 participant minimum; 24 participant maximum 
Location: EcoVivarium      
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