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Education Programs

Education Programs

Educate, excite and entertain your students with a unique live animal program from the EcoVivarium…

Assembly Programs

These programs cover ecology, environmental impacts, threatened and endangered species, exotics in the pet trade/pet responsibility, major culture/history overview of select species, the food web, humans’ role in species survival – and what students can do specifically. A variety of live animals are presented. Assembly programs are 45 minutes in length.

Classroom Programs

All classroom programs are hands-on interactive format featuring live animals. We can customize any of our programs to meet your specific classroom or school requirements. Programs are 30 to 60 minutes in length and are designed for the individual classrooms. Multiple programs work best by rotating students thru a single classroom. Classroom program prices begin at $195. Discounts are available for multiple programs booked on the same day at the same campus.

Mobile Zoo

Students, staff and visitors will marvel at the array of exciting reptiles, amphibians and arthropods. Animal Educators will be on hand for individual animal interactive encounters. Photo opportunities abound for visitors as they reach out and touch these amazing creatures. This program is designed to function in a multitude of educational and community roles. Mobile zoo is great for fund raisers, school celebrations and science festivals. Mobile Zoo is a minimum 4 hour program.

Looking for a Party or Corporate Event?

EcoVivarium encourages natural curiosity, in-depth and hands-on exploration of subjects and will promote active participation in classroom discussion by bringing the textbook materials to life in a unique, yet proven effective format. We not only have the obligation to educate our children – but a greater responsibility to instill in them a passion and excitement for learning about this world, its history, its many and varied inhabitants and their impact on each other and the planet itself.   

Our immersive programs ignite a passion for learning and exploration in participants. This in turn creates a student better prepared and equipped to meet future higher educational challenges. 

California schools are struggling with a myriad of issues – one of the most challenging is major budget cuts. They leave our children with limited instructional resources and no additional funding for innovative programs that can ignite excitement for learning, especially in the critical STEM fields. Visit any typical K-12 school in the state and you will find classrooms with limited textbooks and committed teachers – but little in the way of hands-on resources. EcoVivarium is the solution, with exciting, innovative and highly interactive programs that motivate students to explore – connecting the dots from the classroom to the world at large and beyond!

We offer a wide variety of programs and can customize any of our programs to your meet your specific classroom or school requirements. Programs include a minimum of six live animals and most programs include an endangered species. Supplemental classroom materials are included with each program.

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