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Summer Camp Season

The top 10 reasons for attending EcoVivarium Day Camps:
10.  Our camp programs are both fun and educational!
9.    The camps offer immersive learning experience - that appeal to all learning styles.
8.    Campers learn to be citizen scientists - EcoVivarium gives them the opportunity to share their explorations all year long!
7.    Every day is filled with hands-on encounters with amazingly cool creatures!
6.    While you learn about endangered species, you get to actually touch and hold them!
5.    Budding herpetologists, batrachiologist, & entomologists can get hands on with animals that are normally left to only experts in the field.
4.    You get to meet and become friends with others that share your interest and passion for animals.
3.     A love of art and ectotherms is combined into one cool camp!
2.    We keep our camp groups small - so there is more attention focused on each camper .
1.    Our camps are more fun and hands on than any other camp in San Diego! After all, what other camp offers the opportunity to take a         giant monitor lizard on walk?

Camp Themes

Reptile Explorers
Campers have the opportunity  to enjoy daily interaction with our animal ambassadors while learning while learning about them and their care, natural habitats and the challenges they face to survive.  Campers will work with scientific tools to take a more in-depth look at our cold blooded friends and learn about the various fields of study and careers working with animals.  Campers also learn how making small changes in our daily lives can have a huge impact on the environment and the animals living in it!  If your children are into science and scientific exploration and enjoy being hands-on with the animals - this is the camp for them.  Citizen Science is highly promoted in this camp and campers have an ongoing opportunity to continue their explorations and reporting after camp is over.  Camps are divided by grade, K-2 and 3-5.  We are also offering a 1/2 day option (9am - noon) the week of June 26-30 and July 24-28.
Reptile Explorers Dates: June 12-16;  June 26-30; July 10-14; July 24-28; August 7-11.   

Ectotherms in Art
Campers explore ancient civilizations and the impact our cold blooded friends have had on their art and cultures.  Campers travel around the world through our Ambassador introductions and hands-on experiences.  Each day we create a unique work of art reflective of our days experience and travels.  It's the best of both worlds -- combining a love of art and history and, a love of our amazing Animal Ambassadors.   Camps are divided by grade, K-2 and 3-5.  Campers have the option of having their artwork displayed during the 2nd Saturday Art Walk held each month in downtown Escondido!
Ectotherms in Art Dates:  June 19-23; July 3-7 (no camp July 4th); July 17 - 21; July 31 - August 4; August 14 - 18

Camp Registration

Summer camps begin June 12

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