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About Us

About Us

Inspire – Educate – Empower

Our Vision is a Community

  • Where all participants, regardless of age or abilities, are excited and enthusiastic about learning.
  • That understands the value, complexity and fragility of the natural world.
  • That combines an understanding of nature with a passion for learning to the betterment of the individual, the environment and the community as a whole. 
Our goal is to instill in our participants an excitement for learning by connecting the dots from our unique education ambassadors to the world around them and across their entire educational experience. EcoVivarium has a special focus in reaching out to at-risk populations and underserved communities. Our lead staff has nearly two decades of experience in working with special needs individuals and at-risk students. All of the innovative programs EcoVivarium offers are dedicated to promoting the study in science and mathematics while simultaneously helping participants of all ages “connect the dots” between STEM coursework, history, cultural studies, language arts, geography, the environment and beyond. Learners are guided through an exploration of this varied subject matter through hands-on interaction with our animal hosts that stimulate participation and a new excitement for learning.
EcoVivarium ® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2009 with the focus to ignite a passion for learning beyond the textbook and classroom, a passion that elevates the educational experience both in classroom performance and beyond. We present our programs with assistance from our special education ambassadors from the reptile, amphibian and arthropod communities. Our animals are unique not only by their species, but by the fact that more than 98% of them are rescues. These amazing creatures have been rehabilitated and trained by our dedicated staff to serve as ambassadors, encouraging excellence in educational endeavors of individuals and to share the message of the importance of good stewardship for our world and all the creatures in it.

EcoVivarium is not just a K-12 program! We have served over the past 10 years as trainers for local law enforcement, animal services and humane society staff, state and national emergency relief personnel, international disaster relief organizations catering to animals in crises and even as pet therapists for the special needs and senior communities. Our animals and staff have been featured on multiple television broadcasts and served as expert advisors in the print media. But our experience does not end there; we also have extensive experience in providing unique entertainment experiences for private parties, local community programs and corporate events! Our programs serve everyone from 1 to 104, with a unique and exciting experience that fosters continued learning, appreciation for this amazing world we inhabit and memories that last a lifetime!

EcoVivarium is well established in our community, where we provide training for Animal Services Officers and the staff and for both San Diego County Animal Service and the San Diego Humane Society. We also consult with both organization on animal care and handling issues as they relate to the operations of these organizations.

EcoVivarium is a featured participant at  the San Diego Festival of Science and Engineering.

EcoVivarium partners with San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego Museum of Man and the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum to expand and enhance exhibits, educational  and enterntainment programs.

EcoVivarium provides numerous education and summer camp programs for the City of San Marcos Park & Recreations Department, City of Escondido Park & Recreation Department and for Humane Societies throughout San Diego County.

EcoVivarium is an education partner with the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles providing a mobile zoo interactive experience at the annual Reptile & Amphibian Appreciation Days.

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